130 Years of Foxford - Foxford

We stand proud to celebrate 130 years in business.

Foxford was founded to provide for a famine-ravaged village, by creating employment and developing skills.

Our story started in 1892, Mother Agnes, stood on a bridge in Foxford and saw the future. On the surface was a place
scarred by poverty and hopelessness. However, she had a vision of possibility and community powered by the River Moy and the ability to think and act differently. Inspired and driven by this vision, she created Foxford Woollen Mills and built the community that surrounds it.
To achieve that vision, she knew that the Foxford community needed to be both brave and inclusive. To this end she
partnered with a Tyrone Presbyterian to build our mill. A partnership that broke convention in the pursuit of something remarkable and lead to generations of Irish people loving and owning Foxford designs.


We slept in beds kept warm and cosy with Foxford blankets, our families enjoyed beach days on Foxford blankets and weddings and ceremonies were marked with loving gifts created in Mayo.


Over the decades we have broadened our community of designers, retail partners and team members. We continue to be inclusive, working with our people to create and bring designs to the world built on a spirit of collaboration.

We respect each other and we learn and work with people who share our values and our desire to build on our history and bring the best of Irish design to the country and the world. These inclusive values are timeless Irish values. Our land is known for the warmth of our welcome and our ability to invite people into our culture and way of living.
Ireland has prospered and thrived because we have worked together and continuously evolved to become what we are today. Similarly, our design work has progressed and become contemporary, sought after and admired.

People have loved our designs for generations and will into the future because we seek out the best in Irish design and make it real, so that our community can further thrive and prosper.
Our story is timeless, rooted in our history yet looking to our future.

There are chapters still untold and unimagined and our job is to create a sustainable future for tomorrow’s Foxford. We are custodians of a proud legacy and we must leave that legacy stronger than we found it.


Foxford Nostalgia Collection

Introducing two beautiful new throws from the Foxford Nostalgia Collection, The Breege & The May. Named after two wonderful ladies who were part of the Foxford family for many years. We have reinvented the traditional pink and blue stripe blanket to a modern, contemporary cashmere throw.

The nostalgia of these blankets can be enjoyed once again, taking pride of place in your home now and for your future generations.

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