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Why Invest?

The importance of quality sleep and the benefits of good sleep are widely known. Not enough sleep, can have catastrophic consequences on a person’s health. On the plus side, we can actually control our sleep quality. It takes some investment, but it is the kind of effort that repays itself many times over. As is the case with so many things, it’s not until you improve your sleeping habits and routines that you really see the benefit of a good nights sleep.


A duvet’s tog rating is very important. It tells you how well a duvet will trap warm air. Basically, the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Duvets start at a tog rating of around 3, which would be an ideal summer duvet. A tog rating of between 7 – 10 is perfect for chillier spring and autumn nights. A tog rating of over 10 is perfect for irish cold winters, and means you’ll be kept warm all night. Duvets with a lower tog rating are often used for children. Remember though to choose a tog for you, based on your own preferences & home heating.

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It’s important to think about what’s filling your new duvet. From the hypo-allergenic health benefits of synthetic hollow-fibre & cluster-down to the traditional goose down, the options are endless. However warm and cosy the feather duvets may be, it may irritate those who suffer with allergies, and it’s important to ensure you choose anti-allergenic. Synthetic fillings have the benefit of being lightweight, hypoallergenic, and faster drying after washing.


Washing your duvet is important in removing dust mites from your bedding. Washing at 60c is ideal for killing dust mites, and keeping your bedding fresh and dust-free. Pillows should be washed twice a year, and pillowcases once a month. Printed and coloured. Pillowcases should be washed inside out, to avoid damage and fading. Most down and synthetic pillows are machine-washable, and a low heat setting on a dryer can be used to re-fluff pillows, and they should be plumped daily when making the bed, to avoid them becoming flat.


Your duvet is only as good as the pillow you rest your head on! A poorly chosen pillow can lead to a variety of back & neck problems, so picking the right one for you is important for maintaining your health. You may wish to choose a pillow type based on how you sleep. For example, those who sleep on their backs are recommended to use a pillow of medium firmness, for support and comfort and to maintain the correct alignment of the spine throughout the night. Someone who sleeps on their side might choose a firm pillow, to help support their head, neck and spine as they sleep, while someone who sleeps on their front should probably opt for a soft pillow, to support the head without disrupting spine alignment. Like duvets, pillows are also available with synthetic and natural fillings. You might choose a down filled pillow, which will be soft and comfortable. These pillows range in firmness (the more stuffing, the firmer they are). However, they are limited in just how much support they can provide. Synthetically filled pillows are becoming more and more popular, as memory foam options become more available due to their higher levels of support and associated health benefits.

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