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Care For Wool


Our throws, blankets and scarves should last you generations! Do your best to look after them and they will keep you warm and cosy for decades to come.

Wool by its very nature does not need to be washed as often as other fibres. It is naturally breathable which allows any moisture it may pick up to vanish. The less you expose your item to washing the longer the lifespan! For gentle refresh why not utilise the traditional Irish ‘good drying’ day and let the fresh air breathe new life into your item!

If your item really does need to be cleaned for accidental spillages or marks. Then it is possible (but we advise avoiding if at all possible) to spot clean the item if your wool is stained in one place.Use a little soft soap – Wet the spot, then gently work the soap in the stained area. Remove soap and dirt with a cloth that does not leave lint behind. Instead of sponges and paper towels, try soft towels or an old pillowcase. Be sure to remove all soap by dampening the cloth and repeating the process. Please take care letting it dry, it is very easy to stretch your wool by wringing it or hanging it to dry. Instead, press the water gently, and lay your wool flat to dry.

We do not recommend machine or hand washing your wool item at all as any emersion into water no matter how cool will result in shrinkage.

The safest way to wash any wool textile is to have it dry cleaned.

The best way to store you blanket is to display it for all to see! But if you do want to put it away we recommend placing it in a breathable container in a dark and dry place.

Clean your blanket before you store it to prevent moths, which is especially important for cashmere. You can always pop some natural moth repellent into the container with your blanket and rest assured.


When wool fibres become loose, they form little balls or pills. Pilling is a direct result of friction (which naturally occurs with movement), so the more you use your wool, the more likely it is to pill. Good news is, pilling is easy to take care of with a de pilling comb (also known as bobble remover). Just glide the comb in one direction over target areas to leave renewed yarns behind. Contact us on [email protected] for more info on combs.

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Care For Wool
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