Four Bedroom Trends for 2022 - Foxford

Working with high fashion designer Helen McAlinden on our bedlinen and throw designs allows us to get a glimpse of what is ahead in the seasons to come! Helen must keep her finger on the pulse of trends for her own work and on Foxford designs. Some things will never go out of style such as crisp quality bedding and we at Foxford incorporate world class materials with styles that will trickle through the different seasons and years seamlessly.

Nobody wants to completely redo their space every year (who has the time or the budget!) so we have compiled these handy tips to easily transform your space.  As we bask in a little of the first January sunshine to creep through our windows, the welcomed light gently bounces into our home and brings to life new ideas for dark corners and spaces forgotten about. Longing for Spring and the easing into brighter evenings feeds our creativity for the space we have cocooned in for so long.

Nature-inspired prints are a must-have again this year, with prints inspired by florals and foliage to bring an element of the outdoors in, a legacy we will be left for a long time to come from many lockdowns. We notice a shift toward a bolder print or colour, injecting more of your own personality especially in the bedroom is encouraged!

Layer Up

We have seen this trend creep into other rooms over the years and it is going nowhere fast – play around with it, mix your colour tones, designs, patterns or textures. There are no rules here, have fun with it. We are all about layering and one of our favourite pieces to begin this design process with is of course our woven throws. Mix and match your tones and get creative with multiple designs and textures. Don’t fear mixing some strong prints on your duvet cover with herringbone designed throw… grab some inspiration from some of these fabulous accounts on our Instagram


Shop the Look with Throws – Click Here
Picture One: 7cm Stripe Mink Click Here  
Picture Two: Shell Duvet Set Click Here
Picture Three: Filagree Bedding Click Here
Picture Four: Aqua Leaf Bedding Click Here

Relax in Art

Prints and art are not only for reception rooms, they can also be very personal pieces to wake up to each morning. We have a huge array of beautiful prints and some fabulous Irish artist’s works. You could even start the redecorating with some of your favourite prints and choose the colourway from there – lead from your art.


Go Blue

Blue tones are beautiful colours that instantly feel sophisticated and calming. Think, teal, aqua, indigo, sapphire, peacock, navy etc etc so why wouldn’t you want this stunning colour throughout the room you should be most relaxed in. Pepper your room in these tones, don’t go heavy on the cobalt! Allow light in by purposefully placing these shades around your room, the obvious way, is of course, your bedding (don’t forget the layering!), then followed by curtains, lampshades, headboards or even as subtle as your bedside accessories.

blue balloon duvet cover

Blue Balloon Print – Click Image to Browse


Midnight Fitted Sheet – Click Image to Browse

Mayo Blue Mohair Throw – Click Here to Browse


Blue Weave Velvet Oblong Cushion – Click Here to Browse


Light it Up

In a bedroom, different levels and types of lighting can help switch the mood from practical– getting ready for work, applying makeup – to relaxing or reading before going to sleep. Think low and atmospheric but also giving you the ability to read. Think small wall lights next to your bed, or of course gentle table lamps.

Table Lamp Urban Charger Gold


Table Lamp Suoni Gold



In he past and during these challenging times, we crave warm tones that will enrich our homes and create cozy sanctuaries away from the outside world, that is why it is so important to allow yourself a space you can truly feel warm and safe in.


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