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Planning a baby shower or just struggling to find the perfect baby gift? We have to admit baby shopping can be hard! Whether it’s not knowing what size clothes to buy or what colour to choose. But not to worry we’ve decided to take the pressure off and have created a baby gift guide so you can spoil the little one without the hassle, whilst adding that special Foxford touch!

Foxford baby blanket

We had to start the gift guide with our world-famous baby blankets!

Beautifully crafted, each blanket holds so many memories for you to cherish and to pass down through generations! Our magical baby blankets are available in a variety of colours and patterns, including our stunning multi-coloured spot baby blanket which is gender neutral. It’s perfect if the little bundle of joys gender is a surprise!

Start their journey with a Foxford baby blanket and we will stay with your little one for a lifetime!

Get Baby Ready with Foxford

Bashful beige bunny

How adorable is the bashful beige bunny, we think he’s perfect for bedtime snuggles! His flopsy, long, super-soft ears, make him so cuddlable you’ll never want to let go. Bashful is so irresistibly cute and his neutral colour makes him the perfect gift for both boys and girls!

Petal bunny soother

How beautiful is petal bunny soother, her creamy fur is as soft as satin and we just love her detailed floral print top and ears. She’s definitely a favourite for chewing or holding and to make things even better she’s super cute! Petal is the ultimate addition for bedtime cuddles!

Grizzly bear clock

Have you met grizzly b?

If not we’d love to introduce you to him! Grizzly b from sam agus ness is a beautiful bear shaped clock made from solid irish timber and finished in bees wax. He’s handmade and is the perfect, fun addition to your little ones room as he can be both wall hung or free standing. Created by sam agus nessa, a furniture and product design company based in county kildare who make contemporary, functional furniture and homewares.

Their works are inspired by the irish vernacular, their surroundings and they only use locally sourced irish materials. Their quirky creations are made by hand and are so unique with beautiful packaging that is also recyclable. We just think that grizzly b would make the most adorable, unique gift for your little one that is also sustainable!

Baby bundle

Our beautiful baby bundle is the ultimate baby shower gift! This bundle includes your choice of one of our world famous super-soft lambswool baby blankets and an adorable Bashful baby bunny in either pink or blue and a colourful book which will make bedtime a whole lot cosier!

Baby e-gift card

Get Baby Ready with Foxford


If you really can’t decide what to purchase, then a Foxford baby e-gift card is the perfect way to show someone you care. You’ll receive your e-gift card instantly and so you can give the gift of Foxford the same day!

We hope we’ve made now made baby shopping that little bit easier! If you have any queries about choosing any products, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our social channels or on our live chat!

Happy shopping!

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