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If you are staying home because of our current healthcare situation it’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body.

We are all feeling a bored, frustrated or even lonely. You may also be low, worried or anxious, or concerned about your finances, your health and those close to you.

It is ok to feel like this, we all feel like this – everyone reacts in their own way to challenging events and uncertainty. It’s important to remember that staying at home may be difficult, working amidst the lego and laundry may not be ideal but you are helping to protect yourself and others by doing it.

As well as the tips we are being given about diet, exercise and keeping communication with our loved ones via technology. It is very important to remember that sleep and the quality of our sleep is vital for our health especially during the next few weeks or months.

Maintain a routine

Sleep must now become a priority, bedtimes and routines may have been forgotten about during the transition into our new normal, but we should start to implement them back in, whether we are working from home or home-schooling or just self-isolating, it is vital we continue with regular schedules as much as possible.

How much you get is really up to the needs of the individual, yes the optimum amount is eight but each person is unique.

How to slip into a restful sleep

Due to the current situation we are all in, we are using technology and watching screens more than ever. The blue ray that emits from these devices late at night affect our brain’s ability to shut down for sleep.

So a habit of putting your phone on airplane mode may help the temptation to mindlessly scroll in bed.

While are movements have been restricted slightly we can still get out for a walk, run or cycle (please maintain social distancing), this exercise and time outdoors is so important for our brain.

It is important to laugh and socialise during this time, this may mean a group call to friends or a board game at home with the kids, but laughter and human interaction of some form is very important for our well being at the minute.

Avoid or reduce

Avoid or cut down on stimulants that will interrupt your restful nights sleep. Things like excess alcohol, caffeine, stress, day naps and screen time.

Sweeter dreams

Did you ever hear of the concept of sleep hygiene? It’s exactly the practices and habits we have been listing above! We are all well versed with good hand hygiene so now lets take on the practices of good sleep hygiene.

Associating your bed only with sleep, as well as keeping a consistent bedtime routine and keeping a consistent wake time is the foundation of a healthy sleep routine. Making your bedroom the room that takes care of you, or your sanctuary will help you drift off easier and keep you in that restful sleep longer. Along with good sleep hygiene, space, calm and comfort are key for your bedroom.

Keep the room clutter free, so try not to have mounds of clothes on that chair! Keep distractions to a minimum and dress your bed in linen with high quality cotton linen.
Thread count is important when choosing your bedding but the thread matters even more. A good quality thread woven to a 300 or 400 thread count will feel soft to the touch and breathable for warmer nights or cooler evenings. A poor quality thread woven to 1200 thread count will not as there is no air flow through the weave.

What next?

Simple. Try and put in place good practices we have listed above, make sure your bedroom is set up to help keep you calm and comfortable and try not to allow any stresses in your sanctuary.
If you need any help choosing any of our bedlinen, just let us know. Our linen is an investment and whether you start your investment with a pillowcase or the whole bed bundle, it is important to be guided to your preferred cotton and style.
For now, stay safe, stay home & stay cosy

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