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Wow, july just seemed to pass me by this year!


We’ve been busy bees here at the Foxford cafe. One of the biggest trends in food this year has been “going vegan” or trying veganuary. I had several customers throughout january come in and say they were giving it a go and hats off to them they have kept it going.


I personally couldn’t do it and honestly I wouldn’t try… Life is too short! However, I do eat vegetables or fruit with every meal so i’m giving myself a pat on the back for that??


I try to be mindful of all choices when menu writing but it can be a bit of a mine field! Throughout the winter we had light korma style veggie curries & veggie and Bean chilies on our menu, made using our own blend of spices combined with tomatoes and/or coconut milk. It’s easy to avoid dairy and gluten with a little effort in dishes like these by toasting your own spices or using coconut milk.


But it’s also important that you feel full after a meal like this so adding a protein is key. Beans are a great source of protein and are a really great way to fuel the body in the absence of meat or fish. Chuck in some peppers, roasted squash or courgette and you’ll have a nutritious filling dish in no time. I love nothing better than a dollop of sour cream on a spicy curry or chilli but there are always alternatives. Fresh guacamole is a superb topping on your chilli, and a spoon of coconut cream works on your curries!!


For summer we are all about salads!


We have a great range to suit our vegan friends. Pop in and try out our new vegan power bowl with hummus/guacamole. Here’s a sample of the salads


Broccoli with maple tossed peach & whole toasted almonds


Carrot with fresh dill, sesame & house dressing


Garlic roast courgette with sundried tomato pesto


Baby leaves with fresh berries, avocado & pecan


Foxford pickled cucumber or beetroot


The list goes on…

OR …. If you have a sweet tooth try our


Coconut, peaunt & date owerballs

Here’s the recipe

Makes approximately 15-20 depending on what size you would like them


Part 1

120g pecans

40g desiccated coconut

180g dates

1 tbsp cocoa

1/4 cup of coconut oil or olive oil

125ml maple syrup

70g crunchy peanut butter


Part 2

125g dark chocolate for coating

Some desiccated coconut & chopped pistachios to coat the balls at the end

1, Blend all of the ingredients from part 1 of the recipe together using a food processor.

2, Shape/ divide the mix and roll into balls.

3, Melt the dark chocolate. Place the coconut & chopped pistachio on a flat tray.

4, Find a helper for this part!

5, Roll the balls in the melted chocolate using the tips of your fingers. Disposable gloves would be a bonus?

5, Pop onto the tray with the coconut coating. Roll gently till well covered then place in a clean platter. Repeat till all the balls are done.

6, Refrigerate then eat!


Till next month.



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