The New Grey - How to style the colour of 2022 - Mushroom - Foxford

Imagine finding that perfect shade for your house – not too warm, not to cool…

A colour that has the ability to work in a variety of design styles: Scandinavian, minimalist, farmhouse, modern, contemporary etc.

A shade that can be painlessly integrated into most spaces?

That shade is mushroom… and it is much more than a trend, it is so flattering to most soft furnishings and furniture styles it will be hard to not add it to every room in your home!

Mushroom a quiet color that doesn’t need a lot of attention but looks beautiful to the eye. At times, it begs for simplicity and helps to pull together a room decorated with nothing more than glassware, reclaimed wood, plants, pinks and some greens.









Foxford Bedlinen Melts Seamlessly…

We have always designed our bedlinen to complement any palette and continue to create prints that are so subtle and delicate they melt into any bedroom space (yes even matching those curtains you were sure you couldn’t match any bedding with, but adore!)

Prints like our Mini Green Leaf Bedlinen – green isn’t just for the garden – used right, it can make a mellow, gentle statement in any space. It’s particularly suited to a bedroom, where it can be all at once calming and invigorating, refreshing and comforting.

foxford green leaf duvet cover set

Combine leaf greens and soft pinks in the bedroom

Combine your bedding with mix and match prints but similar tones or add texture with a throw or some accessories to keep your space fresh and incredibly unique and stylish. The romance of the blush pinks with the freshness and succulence of the botanical colours will bring pure life to your room!

Helen McAlinden our designer extraordinaire – has always made sure that Foxford does not design prints in isolation. Our “Wardrobe for your Bed” philosophy means you can invest in your bedding over time and most of our range will always complement each other.

Wardrobe for your Bed














Be a Plant Person

Add houseplants and experiment with them! There are no rules. Try styling with a single potted plant on a bedside table or go all-in with hanging displays and leafy ferns. Plants encourage relaxation, calmness and have those all-important air-purifying qualities.


plain foxford bedding in navy

So no more boring Grey or flat beige – let mushroom into your colour guide and let our Foxford bedlinen complement it!

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